Slump Buster

It’s all over people!! Just when we thought the rotation had turned a corner too. Chris Young had been dominant, Yordano had an ace like start, and Guthrie had 3 strong starts in a row. Then BOOM! The starters went to pot and the offense went completely MIA. Now Royals fans are freaking out like Tommy Boy running from flesh-eating bees. SAVE YOURSELVES!!


Is the team struggling? Sure. Are there some real concerns going on with certain players? Yes. Is it time to panic? Absolutely not. It is a long season and even good teams struggle and endure losing streaks. “What is losing? Losing is a disease……as contagious as syphilis…” What this team needs is a good ole fashioned slump buster. The sooner the better.

There have been some positives since the last post. Let’s focus on those instead of the bloodbath that took place in the Bronx. We won two out of three against the Yankees and Cardinals at home, as well as sweeping the Reds in a two game set. Granted, the losing streak started with my attendance during the final game of the Cardinals series but that’s surely a coincidence. After all, I went with a big group of good friends. Perhaps the organizer, who I shan’t name (Becky), should take some blame for picking the wrong game.

Jason Vargas is back and had a surprisingly good start on a limited pitch count. Volquez has continued to be very good. Paulo Orlando had his 1st career Major League home run and has filled in solidly in the absence of Alex Rios. Rios is set to return for the much-anticipated series at Wrigley with the Cubs. Moose and Morales have continued to hit. Kris Medlen is also set to start his rehab assignment soon. The team is leaving the door open as to what role he will fill, based on how he performs and what the team’s needs are.

The rest of the offense needs to get back to being patient  and waiting for a good pitch to hit. In the past week or so Salvy, Escobar, and Infante seem far too aggressive, bailing the opposing pitchers out by swinging at crap. Speaking of Infante, can you guess which of the following stat lines is his?

Player A: .248 BA/ .305 OBP/ .295 SLG

Player B: .249 BA/ .285 OBP/ .338 SLG

If you guessed player B you are correct. That is over his two years in a Royals uniform. Player A’s numbers are over four years in a Royals uniform, and belong to Omar’s predecessor, Chris Getz.

KANSAS CITY, MO - AUGUST 17: Chris Getz #17 of the Kansas City Royals reacts after being hit on the thumb while trying to bunt against the Chicago White Sox in the fifth inning at Kauffman Stadium on August 17, 2012 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Chris Getz
Chris Getz (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)

I’m not sure what’s more shocking, that stat line or the fact that Infante is the second ranked 2nd baseman in the A.L. All Star balloting thus far. Alex Rios is 6th in Outfielders and he’s only played in 7 freakin’ games. It’s still really early in voting, but damn it’s amazing how the perception of this team has changed. The franchise record for all-stars is 5; 1972 and 1982. It appears the Royals will set a franchise record for number of all-stars this year. Especially since Ned is the Manager and will pick the reserves.


As I write this, we have ended the streak by winning game one at Wrigley, or should I say Kauffman North. Another strong start for Volquez (we’ll ignore his last pitch). Three trips to Dong Town by Perez, Escobar and Gordo. A big 3 hit game from Lorenzo Cain and some help from one bad play by Dexter Fowler. Now let’s continue to vote for the boys in blue. More importantly, let’s go win some series. The Indians and Rangers are coming up in Kansas City after the Cubbies and could be exactly the slump buster this team needs. So don’t freak out and panic. Remain calm…


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